Furniture Conservation & Restoration

When first assessing a piece, it is essential to find the balance between conservation and restoration. At Molloy Restoration we approach all projects with the aim to leave the piece in a condition that prevents further deterioration.

Retaining original material, patina, and signs of honourable distress and age are fundamental when choosing our conservation-restoration processes. We believe that retaining a piece’s integrity and age is as important as the piece itself. Restoration work is carried out with the aim for repairs to be as flawless as possible; they should neither be hidden nor obvious, compromising the beauty of the piece.

It is essential that your piece is correctly restored and that all processes are correct to the period of the piece while in keeping with conservation standards. A piece of furniture is a canvas showing all the colour patina and beauty of its age. Poor restoration can destroy this, removing all antiquity and character from the piece.

We kindly request you to read our Restoration Guide before choosing any Conservator-Restorer.

On-site Conservation-Restoration Works

Employing a qualified damage repair team, Molloy Restoration has the ability to work with high end pieces in situ, mitigating the need to remove your piece from your home or workplace. Setting us apart from the rest, we provide a full restoration mobile workshop with ventilated heated finishing environment. The damage repair team have carried out past projects in a variety of locations, from Stockholm to Spencer Dock, taking on an array of pieces including cracked boardroom tables and water damaged 18th Century library book cases. We provide this service for select clientele both nationally and internationally.

Conservation Courses

In order to educate furniture enthusiasts, Molloy Restoration run conservation-restoration courses on an weekly basis.

These courses are created for the collector or antiquity enthusiast, who would like to understand how to maintain and carry out basic conservation/restoration works on their own pieces. The courses have been running successfully for the last ten years and students have varied from reputable Irish furniture dealers to young furniture collectors with minimal experience.

Classes are run on a 10 week basis at 3.5 hours per week. Accepting only 12 people per class ensures that each individual receives the time and expertise required for their piece. Continuing popularity has resulted in our current waiting list, however, if you would like more information please drop us an email as we have been told they are worth the wait.

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